Responsible Tourism Policy


Sustainable tourism

The Restaurant Cortiço has always maintained a responsible position assuming itself as a dynamizer of the gastronomic heritage of the region. Therefore, we are fully aware of the importance of sustainable tourism development, to which we must contribute in the management of the business, minimizing the impact of our activity and contributing to local valorisation and dynamism, by adopting the principles specifically adopted in the World Tourism Charter Sustainable, while promoting the continuous improvement of environmentally friendly practices.

It is within this framework that the Cortiço adopts the following policy of responsible tourism where it undertakes, in addition to the aforementioned, to comply with all the requirements established in the Biosphere Restaurant benchmark, as well as all legal requirements that are also mirrored there.

As a follow-up to this policy, we are committed to keeping our employees trained and motivated to practice within the principles of Responsible Tourism, to fight against any form of exploitation or discrimination, to make, as far as possible, our facilities accessible to all, regardless of of their incapacity (physical, sensorial, intellectual and psychic).

One of our main objectives is to improve sustainable management, assuming the commitments of continuous improvement in all spheres of sustainability: social, economic and environmental, as well as customer satisfaction. For this and for all our actions to be coherent and consistent, they must always keep our Vision, Mission and Values ​​in mind as vectors of guidance.


To be a reference of the regional cuisine of Beiras, in the region and in the country, through the valorization of local products and the offer of unique gastronomic experiences, capable of awakening senses and memories


The mission of Cortiço is to offer its customers a gastronomic experience based on the most typical dishes of our region and a personalized and attentive service, in a typical and relaxed atmosphere, providing a true trip through the most traditional flavors of Beiras.


  • Genuineness and typicality of the products used
  • Ethics in Business Management
  • Commitment to the customer
  • Appreciation of people

The Responsible Tourism Policy will be updated whenever circumstances require it, adopting and publishing in both cases new sustainability objectives.

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