Cortiço Restaurante


Offer diversified according to your taste and much more …

Group Dinners

Group Specific Menus

Considered a bulwark in the Region of Viseu

Accepts reservations, Takeaway, Catering

Regional Snacks

  • Ham and cheese;
  • Chouriça and Morcela;
  • Feijocas in the Iron Pan;
  • Codfish at Bread;


  • Regional candies;
  • Laminated Fruit;


  •  Rojões com Morcela;
  • Duck Rice;
  • Veal in Púcara;
  • Rice of Carqueija;


White and red wine from Dão;
Water and Coffee;

Indulge yourself with the Beirão flavors

“Where you can revive your senses…”