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Restaurant O Cortiço

Considered as the bastion of gastronomy of the region of Viriato, the Cortiço, is situated right in the heart of the so-called historical area of the city of Viseu.

By neighborhood has an important collection of architectural values: from the Sé Cathedral to the Grão Vasco Museum, from the Casa do Miradouro to the house of the Adro, without forgetting the statue of King D. Duarte, which is even more at foot.

Dom Zeferino, his founder, walked through the villages of the region in the research of culinary art, in the survey of uses and customs in the investigation of old recipes that old people still kept from the oral tradition.

From these crops resulted dishes that, daily, are part of the diversified menu, of which we highlight some:

A few more words about us

From 1967

It is frequented by people who already make it their home; Come from the country and abroad; is inscribed in several tourist itineraries.

It has been distinguished over time with multiple trophies, which proudly boasts, alongside the countless messages that friends leave on their walls.

It is with legitimate property considered the very worthy representative of the regional gastronomy Beirã and still, in its own right, one of the noblest tourist posters of the city of Viseu.

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